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Hey I’m Kornelio but everybody calls me Memo

 I’m a full time wedding photographer, living my dream and embracing everyone with open heart.
I wanna show you my story, my life and my creative approach to weddings and hope you’ll enjoy it :)

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2 – welcome

Welcome to an unique story my friends

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3 – my way



Storytelling is my way to present


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3-1 personal stories

And what you’re

about to witness

Are personal stories

of my newlyweds

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4 – joker

                                                                         So here’s

                                                                                                 my story:



                           I’m an



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5 – wife






In love with

my wife

7 – family

…my crazy family…

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8 – friends

and my


9 – cycling + snowboarding

I’m addicted to



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10 – dancing

and dancing…

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11 – film photography

But most of all…











I’m addicted to

film photography…

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12 – telling stories

…and telling stories through it…

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13 – stories collide

Well this is the point where our stories collide…

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14 – unique love story

Every love story

is unique and ment to be

told by one who can feel it,

care for it,

and tell it through the pictures…

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15 – ballerina

















 so if you’re a


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16 – school teacher

a school teacher…

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17 – pionir, fields, pill

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19 – umbrella


your passion is 

         collecting umbrellas…

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You dream of running through fields

with your beloved one…

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17-2 pill

Or you just can’t wait 

to get another pill of LOVE

from your beloved ONE

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20 – angels

Contact me

let’s click together

because angels have no philosophy but